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It's easy to get parts for all current models of Columbia boilers and many older boilers. Call or email us for assistance and to order. Please provide your boiler serial number or your national board number when you contact us.

Parts for Home Heating Boilers

When you need parts for your home heating boiler please call your local service technician.

Boiler Service

Should you ever need factory support, you can count on talking with a boiler professional with decades of experience who can resolve your questions promptly and cheerfully.

Parts Availability and Shipping

Most parts are in stock and ready to ship out. Call or email before noon for same day shipping.

Boiler Parts

We're here to make it easier to identify the correct part(s) before shipping. Check the parts list below or consult your boiler manual - it contains schematics of all your boiler's parts and lists every part number. Or, talk with our parts specialists. We will help verify the correct parts to ensure you receive the right part(s) the first time.

Boiler and Accessory Parts and their Part Numbers

Following are the most commonly ordered parts and their part numbers. Use this to save time identifying the part(s) you may need.

#480210 Hand hole gasket – CT and HRT top
#480200 Hand hole gasket HRT front
#571090 RL gauge glass assy. 5/8 x 10-1/4 inch
#571095 RL gauge glass only 5/8 x 10-1/4 inch
#571097 Gauge glass brass washers
#571098 Gauge glass rubber washers
#571099 Gauge glass brass nuts 5/8 inch
#571020 Water gauge assy. 5/8 x 10-1/4 inch
#571113 Gauge glass protector, Lexan
#970680 Hand hole assy. 3 x 4 inch complete
#970670 Hand hole assy. 3 x 3-3/4 inch complete
#970660 Hand hole assy. 2-3/4 x 3-1/2 inch complete (HRT front)
#970610 Hand hole plate 3 x 4 inch #35
#970620 Hand hole plate 3 x 3-3/4 inch #36B
#970630 Hand hole plate 2-3/4 x 3-1/2 inch #34A
#970650 Hand hole yoke
#311170 Bolt, 5/8 – 11 x 3-1/4 inch sq. head
#310250 Nut, 5/8 – 11 Heavy Hex
#312210 Washer, 5/8 inch flat plain
#558858 On-Off power switch
#558800 DFC1C0 dual function control module board
#558885 Warrick probe LWCO control 26C1C0-C board
#558908 Probe rod 16 inch
#558920 Warrick 3B1B electrode
#480500 Coil plate gasket, L 18/20/22/24
#480540 Coil plate gasket, L 30/32
#332305 Millboard L-18 cleanout door
#332320 Millboard L/WL cleanout door
#332300 Millboard L-small inspection door
#332310 Millboard WL peep sight
#480600 Coil gasket WL 60/90/120/140
#480620 Coil gasket WL 180
#901712 Float valve 1/2 inch (CRT-22/50)
#901713 Float valve 3/4 inch (CRT 100/300)
#480100 CRT cover plate gasket
#480101 VRT cover plate gasket

Boilers and Accessories

Columbia boilers are built to run reliably for decades and we carry parts for all current boilers and accessories, including:

Shenandoah Burner Parts

We carry a limited variety of parts for Shenandoah burners. Contact our parts department for details.

Call us at 610-323-2700 ext 104 or email when you needs parts for your Columbia boiler.

T: 610-323-2700 x 104
8:30 am - 4:30 pm Eastern

Tech Support
T: 610-323-2700 x 115
8:30 am - 4:30 pm Eastern


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