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Columbia Boiler Company - 80th Anniversary - 1936-2016

Boilers for Seafood Processors

Some of the most delicious seafood in the world is harvested in our own backyard - Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, and along the eastern seaboard. We salute the hard-working, independent seafood processors who make healthy and delicious seafood available for every day and special occasions.

If your boiler stops running - don't worry - you won't have to wait weeks for a replacement boiler. We know you want to be up and running right away so you won't disappoint your customers or cause hardships for your hardworking employees. We make it easy to get your replacement boiler in place quickly. Typically, we keep boilers designed for seafood processors in stock, ready for you to pick up, install, and fire up. In most cases, it's easy to install your new Columbia Boiler in place of your your existing Columbia boiler of the same model with little or no additional plumbing or mechanical work.

Columbia Boilers have been popular with seafood processors for decades. Our reliable, long-lasting, cost-effective boilers are built by hardworking Americans just like you, right in your backyard. We understand your unique requirements and build dependable boilers that produce decades of consistent heat for plate after plate of mouthwatering seafood. Every Columbia Boiler is proudly made right here in the USA by a dedicated team with decades of boiler manufacturing experience.

Recommended Seafood Processing Boilers

Designed for seafood processors of all sizes, whether you are replacing an old boiler, adding a boiler, or opening a new shop. These boilers come up to pressure quickly so they are ready when you are.

In the Baltimore area call 410-242-5300, find a dealer near you or call the factory at 610-323-2700 now for availability.

Boiler Accessories

Assembled and Test Fired

Before a boiler is approved to leave our factory, when you select the Factory Package and Test Fire option, our expert team invests 4 - 5 days to fully assemble, wire, and test fire it. During test firing, key performance indicators are carefully monitored. If adjustments are made it will be test fired again to ensure it is running smoothly.

Full assembly, test firing, and monitoring saves you time and money when your boiler arrives. Your team completes minimal assembly, hooks up your boiler, and it's ready to use. Optional: we will pipe to your accessories then disconnect for shipping to save even more time on arrival.

Parts & Manuals

We carry a full line of replacement parts for all current models of Columbia Boilers and many older models. Misplaced your manuals? Click here to view and download boiler manuals.


Every boiler from Columbia Boiler is backed up by free technical support by phone by boiler professionals with decades of experience building and supporting boilers for seafood processors. When you have questions we're just a phone call away. Visit our resources section for more useful information.

Contact us now at (610) 323-2700 for availability and to order or in greater Baltimore call 410-242-5300.

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