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Waste Oil Boilers for Vehicle Repair Shops and Oil Change Shops

With the rising costs of labor, heating, and more it's harder than ever to maintain healthy margins. Now you can slash your heating bills, reduce waste oil hauling expenses, and keep your crews toasty warn when it's cold outside.

Boilers and heaters which burn waste oil are just as reliable and long lasting as boilers that burn natural gas and other fuels. Virtually any type of oil can be burned in your waste oil boiler - engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil - you name it. Burning your own waste oil is simple. Collect your oil, just as you would for hauling. Oil is routed from your collection tank to your boiler through a filter to remove debris. The boiler itself runs just like any other.

Now you can keep your shop and office personnel toasty warm all year and say good bye to your waste oil hauling bills and the "cradle to grave" liability of being on the hook for clean-up if the truck hauling your waste oil were to get into an accident and spill your oil. Typically, Columbia Boiler waste oil heating systems pay for themselves (through cost savings) in just 24 - 36 months.

Replace your existing heater or boiler with a new waste oil boiler and enjoy decades of reliable heat. If you are building a new facility, consider a radiant heat system. Radiant heat provides unrivaled comfort. Plus, in-floor heat keeps your shop floor and vehicles dry no matter how wet and soggy it is outside.

What will your employees think about your new waste oil powered heaters? Delighted! And so will you. Warm, happy employees typically work steadier and miss fewer days of work.

All Columbia Boiler waste oil burning boilers meet EPA guidelines for on-site recycling of used oil.


At Columbia Boilers we are serious about building reliable boilers. When it comes to waste oil boilers we have the strongest track record you'll find. We began manufacturing waste oil boilers before 2000 and we are the only boiler company that manufactures our waste oil boilers in house. In addition, your Columbia Boiler will use the most reliable burner in the industry. Every Columbia Boiler is proudly made right here in the USA by a dedicated team with decades of experience to ensure your boiler is built to provide decades of reliable heat.

Recommended Waste Oil Boilers

These boilers are designed to burn any type of waste oil and built for decades of reliable performance.

Waste Oil Boiler Accessories

Assembled and Test Fired

Before a boiler is approved to leave our factory, when you select the Factory Package and Test Fire option, our expert team invests 4 - 5 days to fully assemble, wire, and test fire it. During test firing, key performance indicators are carefully monitored. If adjustments are made it will be test fired again to ensure it is running smoothly.

Full assembly, test firing, and monitoring saves you time and money when your boiler arrives. Your team completes minimal assembly, hooks up your boiler, and it's ready to use. Optional: we will pipe to your accessories then disconnect for shipping to save even more time on arrival.

Boiler Support, Parts, and Manuals

Every boiler from Columbia Boiler is backed up by free technical support by phone by boiler professionals with decades of boiler experience. We carry a full line of replacement parts for all current models of Columbia Boilers and many older models. Misplaced your manuals? Click here to view and download boiler manuals.

Visit our waste oil boiler photo gallery to see installed boilers.

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