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MPHX Series Boilers
Tankless Water Heaters

Enjoy a clean, rust-free hot water supply at all times. Instantaneous, indirect water heating utilizing copper coils eliminates the destructive corrosive action of raw water which occurs in direct-fired heaters. At just 32.5 inches wide, MPHX water heaters are easy to install in an existing building.

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MPHX series tankless water heaters are designed for indirect hot water applications. Heat is transferred to one or two coils, depending on the boiler size, for instantaneous potable hot water. The boiler is a self-contained unit, allowing a steam cavity above the water line for expansion.


If you are replacing an older Columbia tankless water heater and want to purchase the same model to avoid possible re-piping, consider our legacy CWH tankless water heater. For new construction or non-replacement of a tankless water heater, we recommend our newer MPHX tankless water heaters.

Find a dealer near you or contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote for a reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective tankless water heater.

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MPHX tankless water heaters

MPHX tankless water heaters

MPHX tankless water heaters


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