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Craft Brewery Boiler Photos

Columbia Boiler's line-up of dependable low pressure and high pressure steam boilers and auxiliary equipment are configured to suit each craft brewery's unique needs and layout. Every year, more craft brewers choose a Columbia boiler for their brewery than any other boiler. See below for a glimpse "behind the curtain" at a handful of these breweries and discover why Columbia boilers are The Brewers Choice.


  • Like all MPH series boilers, the MPH 70 has a compact footprint and is just 32.5 inches wide.
  • MPH 70 low pressure steam boiler; the burner is in the front (blue).
  • Mash tanks.
  • Hopper.

  • Skid-mounted Keystone boiler as it's being lifted onto a truck for shipping.
  • The side view gives a sense of the size of this medium to large capacity boiler.
  • The boiler and accessories will provide steam for Mother Earth Brew Co's new production facility in Nampa, Idaho.

  • Their MPH 20 SG, low pressure boiler is tucked neatly in the corner. It's so compact you might not even notice it - except for the consistent steam that turns their hard work into keg after keg of satisfying beer.
  • One reason the MPH boiler is The Brewers Choice is it's steady pressure which maintains a consistent temperature in their mash tanks - vital for making great beer.

  • CT 20 SG vertical boiler; at left CRT8 water feed tank.
  • Mash tanks in Fat Head's brew house.
  • Fat Head's ever-busy taproom in Portland, OR.

  • MPH 80 low pressure steam boiler; the burner is in the front (blue).
  • At just 32.5 inches wide, the MPH 70 boiler has a very compact footprint.
  • Brew house with mash tanks.
  • In the tasting room preparing for another thirsty crowd.

  • Close-up of MPH series low pressure steam boiler.
  • Elevated boiler; burner at left and CRT water feed tank at right.

  • MPH 20 low pressure steam boiler. Compact with convenient hand holes for easy servicing.
  • MPH 20 boiler with burner (blue) and to the right the blow down separator and feed tank.
  • Mash tanks.

  • MPH 20 low pressure steam boiler, feed tank, blow down separator, and burner.
  • Hi-Fi Brewery's John Carothers with his gold medal Blue Danube beer.

  • MPH 20, low pressure steam boiler designed for small, low pressure steam applications.
  • Perfect for 100% make-up water applications. The welded steel 2 inch water tube design eliminates the threat of thermal shock. The condensate return system, a boiler feed system, is on the right, at the back.
  • The Orpheus Brewing brew house.
  • Beer kegs ready to be filled with artisan beer uniquely crafted for the southeast.

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