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Artisan Distillery Boiler Photos

Each boiler is configured to suit the artisan distillery's unique needs and layout. Every year, artisan distilleries across the USA select American made Columbia boilers for their distillery. See below for a glimpse "behind the curtain" at a handful of these distilleries and discover why Columbia Boilers are the popular choice for artisan distillers.

  • Their 8,000 sq. ft. distillery, next door to the vineyard, will be in operation by November 2016.
  • Their still - a real show piece!
  • The still room. The distillery will produce vodka, grappa, unaged brandy, and unaged whiskey.
  • At right, their Columbia MPH 50 boiler; at left, their boiler feed system (green). The Columbia MPH series is renowned for consistent steam levels - crucial for fine distilling and brewing.

  • Brandywine Branch Distillers in rural Chester County, PA is making a name with their small-batch seasonal gins.
  • Brandywine Branch distills 4 amazing season gins, including their Summertide Expression.
  • Brandywine's tasting room is a popular place to enjoy their 4 flagship gins.
  • The distillery: where their Master Blender combines art and science to create their popular gins.
  • Distilling requires consistent heat - provided by their Columbia HP 50 boiler. At left, their blowdown separator and at right their boiler feed system, automate important boiler functions.

Lazy Guy Distillery's boiler arrived fully assembled - ready to uncrate, install, and distill some whiskey. Narrow enough to through a standard doorway; when setup will have a very compact footprint. Lazy Guy Distillery is creating quite a buzz in Kennesaw, GA.
  • Moonrise Distillery with their low pressure steam boiler, far left, and traditional Appalachian pot stills. Each batch is handcrafted the old fashioned way.
  • Moonrise Distillery barrels for aging sprits.

  • Master Distiller, Distillation Engineer, Consultant, and Lecturer in Craft Distillation, Rusty Figgins, with Skybound Distillery's boiler - let's distill some spirits!
  • The Figgins Reciprocator, aka, the Figgins Dual-Kettle Reciprocating Still.
  • Their new Columbia MPH 10 boiler is sized to enable Skybound Distillery to double their production in the future.

Get more information about boilers for artisan distilleries, find a dealer near you or contact us today to talk with a distillery expert about a reliable boiler that can provide decades of consistent steam for your artisan distillery.

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