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Waste Oil Boiler Photos

Boilers and heaters which burn waste oil are reliable and long lasting just like boilers that burn natural gas and other fuels. Virtually any type of oil can be burned in your waste oil boiler - engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil - you name it. See how these shops stay toasty warm all year using their own waste oil.


  • HRT 60 at the factory; fully assembled, test fired, and ready to be shipped.
  • Delivering HRT 60 and HRT 50 waste oil burning boilers.

  • The WL 60 boiler heats the shop using their vehicle waste oil.
  • The Kansas Highway Patrol services a diverse fleet of vehicles.
  • Used oil heats Building 28 saving thousands in heating costs every year and slashing waste oil hauling expenses.

  • The KWO 550 boiler burns their aviation waste oil to heat the shop.
  • A waste oil burning boiler is easy to service and can provide decades of reliable heat.
  • Every Columbia Boiler waste oil burning boiler meets EPA guidelines for on-site recycling of used oil.

  • The HRT 60 boiler is fueled using waste oil, enabling Grenada to recycle their waste oil and reduce fuel imports.
  • The HRT 60 boiler and, at right, crated accessories.

Get more information about waste oil burning boilers, find a dealer near you or contact us today to talk with a waste oil boiler expert about a reliable boiler that can provide decades of heat for your facility.

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